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the cost to install timber decking

the cost to install timber decking. this page is all about timber decking and is part of our series on landscape gardening costs in the uk. the cost to have timber decking installed in your garden will obviously depend on the quality and type of the timber products you choose. there are a number of different types of decking available, the

businesses must pay to recycle their own waste under new

recycling costs surge for uk councils after china ban on waste imports the move marks the first update to the governments waste strategy for over a decade, and comes at a time when the nation

eco wood plastic pergolas uk athletics beautiful deck

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cost of pergola builders

costs not typically included there are some items that are not normally included in the cost to build a pergola. if you hire pergola builders and they need to remove, repair or modify the surface, electrical, plumbing, or any other systems to make them compliant with building codes, you may incur additional costs.

plastic recycling: what's happening in the uk

the uk government is also consulting on taxing manufacturers that use plastic packaging, unless it is made from at least 30pc recycled material. some companies are already moving in this direction.

uk's plastic waste may be dumped overseas instead of recycled

every year, british households throw 22m tons of waste into the bin. recycling rates have stagnated at about 44% and the uk is unlikely to hit its target of 50% by 2020. britain does not have the requisite infrastructure to recycle its own plastic waste, so it is sent abroad.

packaging producers to pay full recycling costs under

it will see the producers of the waste cover the full costs of recycling and collecting it. currently the taxpayer, through local authorities, funds 90% of the costs of recycling and businesses just 10%.

how much do we recycle in the uk?

the average person in the uk understands the need for recycling and reducing the amount of waste we discard. we recycle to lessen the environmental impact we have on the planet, but what do we recycle and how much? thanks to our friends at, we are able to visually demonstrate this and compare how we do against our european

uk tests cheaper, longer-lasting roads made with recycled

uk tests cheaper, longer-lasting roads made with recycled plastic 04/28/2017 under carousel showcase , infrastructure , news , recycled materials , recycling

recycling rates in england: how does your town compare

the figures show that the average recycling rate for english councils was 41.2% between april 2010 and march 2011, up from 39.7% the year before. recycling rates have been nudging up annually in the past decade but the rate of progress been begun to slow since 2008, a trend that continued last year.

are you rubbish at recycling? which? news

four percent of recycling was rejected in england in 2015. that might not sound like much, but it equates to 417,000 tonnes the weight of around 745 fully loaded airbus a380 aeroplanes. the amount rejected has increased each year. so we spoke to recycling experts at not-for-profit sustainability organisation wrap,

the world of metal recycling: the facts asm metal recycling

steel is perhaps the most recycled metal in the world, including the uk. this is no surprise when you learn that tin cans consist of 99% steel originally known as tinned cans . consider, also, that roughly 70% of a cars weight comes from the steel in its body.

aluminium can prices

aluminium can prices for our archived aluminium can price indicators, click on the metal prices archive link to the right or see below for current price indicators. all prices for aluminium cans for recycling are shown in £ per tonne.

scrap metal prices uk

the most common weights used in the uk metal industry are tonnes and kilos. 1 tonne equals to 1000 kg so for scrap metal prices per kg divide the tonne price by 1000 to get your kg price. £3000 per tonne = £3 per kg. to get your scrap metal prices per tonne multiply kg price by 1000/ £3.50 per kg = £3500 per tonne.

businesses must pay to recycle their own waste under new

currently taxpayers by way of local councils must pay the £1bn it costs to process this rubbish, with supermarkets and big corporations only contributing around 10 per cent of the money required.

recycled plastic could supply nearly three quarters of uk

recycled plastic could supply nearly three-quarters of the seven trust materials needed by uk manufacturers for products and packaging, according to a report. steps such as bringing in mandatory targets

9 benefits of recycling friends of the earth

the plastic bottle recycling rate in the uk is about 45%, which falls short of the 90 % rate from the likes of germany and sweden. the uk's overall recycling rates for everyday waste are still below the eu target of 50%.

buy pergolas

when choosing garden décor, you can find beautiful pergolas on pergolas are an outdoor structure which can serve a few purposes. first, they can help create shade on sunny days. so, when you choose to enjoy your patio during a hot day, you will not roast in the sun.

waste and recycling statistics

this series brings together all documents relating to waste and recycling statistics. to help us improve, wed like to know more about your visit today. well send you a link to a