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random lengths framing lumber composite price. the framing lumber composite price is designed as a broad measure of price movement in the lumber market. the composite formula was revised in april 2003, and the new formula was used to calculate the composite from january 1995 to march 2003.

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softwood lumber prices weekly benchmark wspf 2×4 lumber prices graph: february 3, 2020. western spf: canada great. sales volumes cruised along at a “great pace” this week for canadian producers of western-spruce-pine-fir softwood lumber commodities.

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softwood lumber prices have been relatively steady since 2014. during this period, the largest one-week price increase of framing lumber ( 6.8%), as measured by the random lengths framing lumber composite index, occurred in the middle of the recent price escalation.

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prices of softwood lumber and osb keep climbing by david logan on june 13, 2017 the prices of softwood lumber and osb increased by 2.2% and 3.3%, respectively, in may according to the latest producer price index (ppi) release by the bureau of labor statistics. the increases were a return to the 2017 norm, as softwood lumber and osb have led

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note: eastern spruce-pine-fir 2x4 #2 and better, random lengths composite prices and western spruce-pine-fir 2x4 #2 and better, kiln dried sources: 1) random lengths, used with publisher's permission 2) madison's lumber reporter, used with permission granted by the publisher view the table for weekly softwood lumber prices in north america. table 1: weekly softwood lumber prices in north america

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