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extra support. the owner of the deck selected timbertech’s earthwood brand of composite decking in a “tropical teak” color. according to the manufacturer’s instructions, the boards required the deck joists to span a maximum of 18 inches, but the deck currently existed with joists on 24-inch centers.

how to replace wood deck boards

how to replace wood deck boards incorrectly installed deck boards. the home builder expanded the floor plan after the house was completed and incorrectly installed the deck board parallel to instead of across at 90 degrees (or square) to the deck joists as shown in the following photo.

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replacing your wood deck with a composite deck surface is a great way to bring a sun-blasted, splintery deck back to life without the trouble and expense of having to build a whole new deck structure from scratch. wood can be replaced with composite boards on a one-to-one basis, and when properly installed will last against the elements.

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has your deck seen better days? you probably don't have to rebuild the whole thing. whether you have one bad deck board to replace or many, the process is the same. we'll show you how on an old, weathered deck, because you can save hundreds of dollars in lumber by splicing in boards instead of replacing the entire decking.

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