replacing green board in bathroom

bathtub and shower wall damage

if you're looking for a video about green board or a drywall that has a green paper backing over it and you're planning on using it as a tile backing for a bathtub or shower, then you are exactly

what is greenboard water resistant drywall

technically, greenboard and other water resistant drywall panels can be used in highly wet places. according to astm c 1396, section 7, water-resistant drywall can be used in wet locations such as behind tile in bathtub or shower stalls. while greenboard drywall's paper covering is water-resistant, it is not waterproof.

how to repair a shower tile backer board hunker

tile backer board may be drywall or cement board. the procedures for patching cement board and patching drywall are similar, but you need different tools to cut the two materials. before you can replace either material, you have to expose it by removing tiles. reset the tiles to complete the repair.

repairing old greenboard and drywall shower wall terry

the green board is in good shape but the drywall has suffered water damage and is moldy. the complete thickness is appx. 1 1/16' to 1 1/8'. how should i proceed with repairing the wall to obtain the desired thickness and prevent future damage should water seep behind the faucet trim bezel. here are some pics.

how to replace greenboard in bathroom ceilings home

how to replace greenboard in bathroom ceilings remove items such as cabinets and hampers from the bathroom. put on safety glasses, work gloves and a dust mask. begin work in one corner of the ceiling. cut through the greenboard with a drywall knife until you can grip a piece and tear it off

backerboard or mold resistant drywall

right now the tile is attached directly to the dry wall. we were planning on replacing most of that drywall with the mold resistant dry wall i think that's called green board , but seven trust and seven trusts keep pushing the cement board for the part that we're going to tile around the tub/shower .

differences between cement board, greenboard, and

greenboards or blueboards, on the other hand, are types of drywall. essentially, drywall is gypsum pressed between two sheets of paper. it was developed to replace lath and plaster construction. while typical drywall uses standard paper, greenboards use a moisture-resistant, green-colored paper.

should i use green board or cement board for behind my

by rights, if the shower is properly constructed and sealed, moisture and water exposure to the substrate should never be an issue. since nothing is ever perfect and things fail, we have to maintain layers of protection as a contingency plan. ive

how to repair the drywall in the bathroom above the shower

how to repair the drywall in the bathroom above the shower/bathtub step 1. remove softened, crumbling drywall and scrape away peeling paint. step 2. attach at least one furring strip step 3. cut a piece of greenboard drywall to fit the hole. step 4. apply a coat of joint compound to the edges

drywall to backerboard transition in tiled showers

drywall to backerboard transition in tiled showers. by roger. question: i am replacing a ceiling in a bathroom and the tile on the wall goes all the way to the ceiling. when i put the greenboard on the ceiling how do i join with the wall tile where the tape and then mud would go if it was drywall or green board and not tile on the wall ?

diy bathroom remodeling phase 4 cement board installation

cement board installation can be daunting. especially if youve never done it our previous tutorial shared how to choose the right bathroom backer boards in order to avoid a moldy bathroom.. cement board is a huge part of a bathroom renovation because it doesnt contain any organic matter for mold to use as food.

tile installation: backer board around a bathtub the

does tile backer board lap over the bathtub lip, or sit on top of it? it's a question that's puzzled first-time bathroom remodelers for years. this article explains the correct method.

types of drywall

moisture resistant. also known as greenboard or cement board, moisture-resistant drywall sheets use paperless backing and a special coating to prevent moisture from being absorbed better than traditional drywall sheets. these are also used as tile backer in limited wet areas, like the bathroom, basement walls, kitchens,

do i install my green board before i install my shower pan?

shower pan is always first because you want the top of the shower pan to the edge of the green board. so there may be shimming involved to get the walls not only lined up with the pan but as close as you can to perpendicular.

tips on how to remove old shower tile ugly duckling house

tips on how to remove old shower tile. bathroom, popular. also commonly known as greenboard called that because its covered in color-coded green paper to distinguish it from regular drywall . replacing the tub or converting it to just a shower was more costly and time-consuming than i wanted, so replacing just the shower tile

how to lay tile on a green board ehow

one option for walling that will support tile is called greenboard. greenboard is a type of sheetrock or drywall that is moisture-resistant, and can be used in areas with a little extra moisture, such as kitchens. once your greenboard is installed, move on to installing the tile to finish up your surface.

how to install water resistant drywall and green board

is green board waterproof? green board is water resistant it is not water-proof. green board is highly efficient in bathrooms and kitchens where moisture is frequently in the air, but it is not the drywall that should be set behind tile in your shower or any other areas where it can come in direct contact with water.

when to use 'green board' or moisture resistant drywall

when to use 'green board' or moisture resistant drywall? i'm about to go buy drywall for the bathroom i'm adding in my basement. i had always planned about buying all green board but i figured i would see what the internet thought about it first.

your guide to water-resistant greenboard drywall

greenboard is a water-resistant gypsum board or drywall panel that came out in the 1960s. the product is essentially a more durable gypsum board. it has the same gypsum core that youll find on standard drywall all over homes, but it comes with a thicker coating of paper thats protected by wax for water resistance.

how to install cement backerboard around a tub

the ideal underlayment for ceramic tile is cement backerboard, which comes in 1/4- and 1/2-inch-thick panels measuring 3 x 5 feet and 4 x 8 feet. the dense, gray material is very heavy, so use the smaller size for replacing tub walls. the panels are nasty to handle because of their sharp edges, so wear

how to repair water-damaged shower walls

remove the tiles in the affected area. you may be able to remove many of the tiles by hand. otherwise, use a putty knife or a small flat pry bar to pry up stuck tiles. if necessary, scrape out the old grout with a utility knife or grout saw to expose the tile edges.

installing drywall in wet locations

the best bathroom drywall is green board. i'd install it on all walls and ceilings in a bathroom so long as you follow the manufacturer's installation instructions. on ceilings, be sure to space the fasteners on 9-inch centers. use galvanized drywall screws to attach the green board to the wall studs.

how to install water resistant drywall and green board

green board is water resistant it is not water-proof. green board is highly efficient in bathrooms and kitchens where moisture is frequently in the air, but it is not the drywall that should be set behind tile in your shower or any other areas where it can come in direct contact with water.

where to install greenboard in a bath?

the contractor says that he only needs to install green board here, and standard drywall in the balance of the bath it is a small bath, maybe 8 x 5 . i, on the other hand, have always used green board for the entire bath, walls and ceiling, due to the moist environment.

how to install green board drywall home guides sf gate

1. install green-board drywall in areas subject to moisture, like kitchens and bathrooms, but with hot-dipped galvanized drywall screws and a screw gun rather than standard drywall screws.

how to repair the drywall in the bathroom above the shower

although the sheetrock used in bathrooms is usually 'greenboard,' which has a moisture-resistant coating, it's not waterproof, and once water seeps into the tiniest crack or gap, it will start crumbling. fixing bathroom drywall entails making the repair as watertight as possible.

installing greenboard drywall

it is installed the same way as drywall: hung on walls that will eventually be tiled, behind shower and tub surrounds and around the sink in the kitchen. in the bathroom and laundry room it should be used throughout. greenboard uses fiberglass to sandwich in the gypsum core unlike drywall which has paper outer layers.