outside composite plastic coverings underneath cars

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2011 honda ridgeline. for a shade under $20,000, a 2011 ridgeline rts with around 72,000 miles can be had with features like 17-inch alloy wheels, dual-zone automatic climate controls and an eight

what is the large plastic piece under the car called

ok, please don't judge, but i'm a total girl and know nothing about cars, lol. i have a 2006 mazda 3i, and tonight i heard a scraping sound as i was driving. got out, and noticed that a corner of that large plastic (i think it's plastic?) piece under the front of the car is hanging down. i need to call the warranty company, and then the local garage, but i have no idea what that piece is

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solving the somerton man mystery, australia's most baffling cold case. forensic advances are poised to answer questions that have gripped down under for 70 years.

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the good the verykool vortex comes unlocked, is affordable, and it's tough enough to stand up to dust and water.. the bad accessing the battery, sim, and sd card through the waterproof seal takes

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jefferson county, colo. --campers are being warned to keep food secure after a curious bear opened the back hatch of an suv in colorado and spent the night inside, trying to get out, cbs denver

making paper waterproof--and writable - cnet

making paper waterproof--and writable. she put a piece of paper underneath the object she wanted to spray. eliminating the need for separate plastic coverings or for the somewhat expensive

what's the cover underneath the car called

every time i drive through rain and puddle my car would stop then run again as if it's the water is splashing from underneath the car. i checked and under the car it has no covering. what would this be called specifically so i can look for it online? if it's cheap like plastic is supposed to i will buy it new if not i'll go to a junk yard.

polygal roof panels for pergolas - clear plastic patio

plastic patio / pergola / awning covers polygal roof panels & clear patio covers for pergolas multiwall polycarbonate sheets often referred to by the brand name of polygal, are a structured sheet product available in double and triple layered configurations and manufactured in various colors and degrees of transparency.

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[music] underneath the unassuming exterior, this infiniti q60 coupe, lies a secret, a 400 horsepower secret. the infiniti q60 red sport 400 takes an already attractive car and turns the fun knob