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the strength and structural integrity of your pergola will depend greatly upon the size of the structure you are planning to build. again, be sure to check local building codes for compliance before beginning the project. step #2. set the post anchors: with the location and size determined, we can get started on the pergola construction.

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for strength, the pergola kit comes with 5 ½’’ cedar posts that come together to give you a strong structure. adding a pergola to your backyard or deck will not only give a luxurious look but it will make it a haven for your loved ones to come and enjoy the summer. laying back and soaking up the sun inside a pergola is one of the best

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the construction would be much stronger if the posts were 6x6 and the trimmers were perhaps 2x10. 2x8 joists notched in by 2 or 3 inches would be good and leave the trimmers uncut. to brace the pergola against shear, a couple of 1x3's at a 45 across the top joists would be decorative and add tremendous strength to the finished project.

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occasionally, you may need your pergola to provide more shade than it currently does. in this circumstance rather than buy an expensive kit to add shade to the pergola, try following the steps outlined below. step 1 choose which method to use. there are two simple ways to shade a pergola: naturally and artificially.