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jeff ramsey of ohio lumber in huntsville, ohio talks with mark maniaci from genovation's decking about how pvc decking is not only cost effective and strong, but beautiful as well.

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the vessel was built in the 1970s by a land developer and vineyard entrepreneur after a visit to india. dining area, open-plan living area and large sun deck. the upper deck features an

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in the 1970s, most homeowners built decks from hardwood, and only a few options were available in most regions. west coast deck owners tended to choose cedar, whereas east coast homeowners typically built decks of pine or douglas fir. important developments. by the mid-1980s, deck concepts and designs began to change.

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a decking project is very heavy on materials. to give you an idea, the main frame for the 4.5m x 3.3m deck we built for this particular feature has 400mm gaps (centres) to take the decking boards. this took 48 linear metres of wood to build. we had to use 175mm x 50mm section timber to take the deck up to the interior floor height of the house.

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major change for california's pool culture. according to a study cited by the california pool and spa association, the average swimming pool and its surrounding deck require a third of the

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the trick to winning a round using an abundance of hero cards is to first build up a collection of them in both the base decks and acquiring the neutral heroes on the side. once you have acquired several of them, you'll want to include as many of them into a deck as possible to increase your chance of ding them.

why fighting wildfires often fails -- and what to do about

why fighting wildfires often fails -- and what to do about it. more than 100m americans live in or near forests and grasslands that can erupt in flames.

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first order of business? choosing a decking material that suits your lifestyle, desired aesthetic, and budget. to help you decide, here’s a comparison between two popular decking materials: composite and wood. composite decking. back in the day, wood decking was the yardstick against which all other decking materials were judged.

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9 of the tiniest apartments in the u.s. by ilyce glink as well as a rooftop deck and several lounge areas. and now there's a confirmed case in the united states.

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us demand for decking is forecast to increase 1.8 percent per year through 2020 to 3.6 billion lineal feet, valued at $7.1 billion. rising consumer confidence will promote gains in the large residential improvement and repair market, as homeowners who postponed decking projects in the aftermath of the 2007-2009 recession undertake them going forward.