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little known swimming safety risks - cbs news

similarly, after a drowning incident, there can be a build up of fluid in the lungs, which may cause the person to have trouble breathing, a condition known as secondary drowning.

changing recruitment recharge times in ta:tw mod

the first three numbers tell you about the recruitment pool. the first number is the initial pool, the second number is the replenish rate for the pool, and the third number is the max pool. so in this case, you start out with 1 unit in the pool, a unit is replenished every 2 and a half turns (1/0.4), and the maximum the pool can reach is 3 units.

outdoor storage bench // woodworking how to - youtube

this outdoor storage bench is a very simple woodworking project! in an effort to hide the pool supplies and toys away when not in use, i made this super simple outdoor storage bench out of

world series 2017: how the al champion houston astros

world series 2017: how the al champion houston astros built their roster surprisingly few current astros were originally drafted by the team. by mike axisa

steps & seats in your diy inground pool intheswim pool

today, we take a look at the options available to a diy pool builder for steps, seats and benches used on a vinyl liner pool. there are probably more step and seat options than you care to consider; with so many choices, you may have trouble deciding which step or seat to include in your pool kit.

ask the pool guy's bench across the deep end of the pool

ask the pool guy's bench across the deep end of the pool {legendary escapes} if you're a current pool owner or considering building a swimming pool. a-kind, hybrid swimming pool; so we're

the 4 different types of inground pools

if you want something cleaner and more reliable than a rock-and-mud swimming hole in your backyard and more permanent than an above-ground pool, there are four main types of in-ground pools.while wood is a possibility, the cost of building one that would not deteriorate in a few years narrows the choices down to the most popular and efficient.

where are stored workshop items? - fallout 4 message board

for example if you stored 3 doors to the workshop when you are on the build menu for doors you will see a number 3 on the type of door you stored. when you go to build that door it will subtract from that number rather than your materials.