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elastic/plastic deformation

when the stress is sufficient to permanently deform the metal, it is called plastic deformation. as discussed in the section on crystal defects, plastic deformation involves the breaking of a limited number of atomic bonds by the movement of dislocations. recall that the force needed to break the bonds of all the atoms in a crystal plane all

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elastic deformation. noun physics. the temporary change in length, volume, or shape produced in an elastic substance by a stress that is less than the elastic limit of the substance.

what is deformation?

deformation is any process that affects the shape, size, or volume of an area of the earth's crust. the type of deformation that occurs depends on the type of stress and the type of rock present in the area of the earth's crust that you are observing.

deformation engineering

in materials science, deformation refers to any changes in the shape or size of an object due to an applied force or a change in temperature. the first case can be a result of tensile forces, compressive forces, shear, bending or torsion. in the second case, the most significant factor, which is determined by the temperature, is the mobility of the structural defects such as grain boundaries, point vacancies, line and screw dislocations, stacking faults and twins in both crystalline and non-crys

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plastic deformation in the form of a concave deformation pattern was observed along the scratch direction. metrology for characterizing scratch resistance of polymer coatings closer observation of the wear pits reveals smooth appearance of the worn surface along with signs of plastic deformation .

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plastic deformation of a polycrystalline specimen corresponds to the comparable distortion of the individual grains by means of slip. in plastic deformation a material changes shape when a stress is applied to it and does not go back to its original state when the stress is removed.

plastic deformation

plastic deformation is the permanent distortion that occurs when a material is subjected to tensile, compressive, bending, or torsion stresses that exceed its yield strength and cause it to elongate, compress, buckle, bend, or twist.

what does plastic deformation mean?

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definition of plastic deformation

the plastic deformation in materials is predicted by yielding theories. this theory is developed for brittle and ductile materials. flow rule is used to give the stress strain relations for plastic deformation. this property is a characteristic of only fine-grained soils in the presence of water.


in engineering mechanics, deformation is a change in shape that is result of a force that influences the object. it can be a result of tensile pulling forces, compressive pushing forces, shear, bending or torsion twisting .

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definition of deformation. 1 : alteration of form or shape also : the product of such alteration. 2 : the action of deforming : the state of being deformed. 3 : change for the worse.

what is an elastic deformation?

elastic deformation refers to a temporary deformation of a material's shape that is self-reversing after removing the force or load. elastic deformation alters the shape of a material upon the application of a force within its elastic limit.

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plastic deformation: when a load is applied on a material then it is deformed. on releasing load, if the deformation retains then the material is said to have faced plastic deformation .

difference between elastic and plastic deformation

plastic deformation. when the plot of stress versus strain is linear, the system is said to be in the elastic state. however, when the stress is high the plot passes a small jump on the axes. this is the limit at which it becomes plastic deformation. this limit is known as the yield strength of the material.

plasticity physics

in physics and materials science, plasticity, also known as plastic deformation, is the ability of a solid material to undergo permanent deformation, a non-reversible change of shape in response to applied forces. for example, a solid piece of metal being bent or pounded into a new shape displays plasticity as permanent changes occur within the material itself.

what does plastic deformation mean?

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plastic deformation is a process in which enough stress is placed on metal or plastic to cause the object to change its size or shape in a way that is not reversible. in other words, the changes are permanent; even when the stress is removed, the material will not go back to its original shape.

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in both inner and external condition, plastic deformation is followed by changes and is not reversible. permanent deformation involves crystal and microstructure distortion. it carried out processes such as bending, stamping, ding, spinning, rolling, forging, extruding, etc. in working and shaping.

difference between elastic and plastic deformation

plastic deformation is the permanent deformation or change in the shape of a solid body without fracture under the action of a sustained force. this occurs when a large stress is applied on to a substance. plastic deformation is irreversible and is permanent. plastic deformation is best explained by the chemical concept plasticity.

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plastic deformation definition is - a permanent deformation or change in shape of a solid body without fracture under the action of a sustained force. how to use plastic deformation in a sentence.

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plastic deformation of metal the permanent change in shape of a metallic body as the result of forces acting on its surface. the plasticity of a metal permits it to be shaped into various useful forms that are retained after the forming pressures have been removed.

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what does deformation mean? deformation is defined by the lexicographers at oxford dictionaries as the action or process of deforming or distorting. dictionary thesaurus

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this effect is interpreted as the energy dissipative nature of plastic deformation. this is a characteristic feature according to phenomenological visualisation of the cutting process with regard to plastic deformation and metal fracture in the chip formation zone.