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how do i raise a upvc door? windor upvc door hinges trick: most contemporary upvc door hinges are “flag hinges” with “up or down” and “in or out” adjustment options. if you have an older upvc door you may its equipped with “butt hinges”, which unfortunately offer very limited adjustment options.

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to adjust a butt hinge on a upvc door you will need: - a screw driver with a pozi no.2 head - an allen key depending on the type of hinge fitted do not use a drill! to adjust the hinges, you will need to open your door and identify the two adjustment screws. please note: some butt hinges use allen key adjustment).

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i've done various searching on the web / youtube but haven't found anything that matches the exact hinge that i have (although it looks like a butt hinge), so is anyone able to look at the below photos and tell me which bits i need to be adjusting to move the hinge? sorry if some aren't needed, i figured more detail was better than less!

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upvc door butt hinge adjustment fail .pics included hi, i'm having trouble adjusting my upvc door which rubs very slightly on the plastic wedge at the bottom of the door. i believe the hinges are the butt hinge type, they do have a small allen key on the inside of the hinge when the door is open but doesn't seem to do anything when i adjust it.

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is your pvc door catching or rubbing of the frame when you open and close it. than watch this and learn how to adjust your pvc door hinges learn more at http

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