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wood shingle roof longevity is one of the many reasons homeowners are choosing this unique and remarkable roofing material. what is the life expectancy of a wood roof? it depends on the material. the lifespan of a cedar shake roof is different than that of teak or wallaba. however, the wood shake roof's lifespan is almost always longer than

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the life expectancy of shingles is affected by both the pitch (slope) of the roof and the weather. hot summers and harsh winters will reduce the life of the shingle. roofing manufacturers label and sell their shingles as twenty, twenty-five, or thirty-year shingles. this is the length of time the shingle would be expected to last in a perfect

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some public health experts worry today's youngest generation could be the first to have a lower life expectancy than their parents. old to get shingles, gout, other maladies. august 6, 2012 at

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the life expectancy of your roof depends factors that include the roof design and the climate you live in, as well as the quality of installation and long-term care and maintenance. however, you

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the typical life of a wood shingle roof is 30-40 years. similarly, a good quality, properly-installed wood shake roof has a life expectancy of 20-40 years. but wood shingle or wood shake roof life expectancy varies considerably depending on. the wood shingle or wood shake grade or quality; how the shingles were installed

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tesla and solarcity just made your roof obsolete. tesla's new solar roof, and powerwall 2, could move residential power generation to the next level.

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there are very few things in life that will last as long as your roof. knowing that, it is essential that the roofing contractor you hire can and will design and construct a quality roof for your

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does your roof pass the eyeball test? whether or not the membrane is within its life expectancy should also be considered. repairing instead of replacing is cost-effective and can extend

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there are general life spans for roofs which vary a lot with how well the initial install was along with what type roof. repair wood rot and then new roof. any links to roofing/builders

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finally, cedur’s roofing is low maintenance. there is no upkeep required to ensure wood shake shingles life expectancy. they will only need to be cleaned of dirt and debris every so often, but other than that, no maintenance is required to maintain this roof. wood shake roofs are a beautiful, classic option that is still very popular today