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home forum trade talk carpentry decks and fencing how durable are cedar fence posts compared to pressure treated and locust? how durable are cedar fence posts compared to pressure treated and locust? san diego contractor deck and patio cover builder.

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most carpenters figure a lifespan of 15 to 20 years for cedar wood deck boards, but it can deteriorate faster when used for ground-level decks and for shaded decks that are slow to dry out. to retain the color, you have to clean it and reseal it every year or two, and even then its a losing battle.

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the two most common sizes of treated decking are 2 x 6s 90 cents per linear foot , and 5/4 x 6-­in. planks $1 per linear foot . occasionally 2 x 4s 60 cents per linear foot are used, but typically only on small decks or railings.

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q: will teak oil keep my new cedar deck looking new? a: technically speaking, minwax teak oil isnt made for decks, but i have found it works pretty well in this application. that said, of all the options for finishing a deck, keeping cedar looking new and fresh involves the most ongoing work no matter what you use.

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how to finish western red cedar decking. best practices for applying deck stain. once youve decided on the right type of finish for your project, the next step is application, and you really want to get it right the first time. if the first application is done incorrectly, it could lead to issues down the road i.e. blistering, peeling, etc.

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which decking is the most durable? all but the most exotic woods will twist, splinter and ultimately decay. even cedar and pressure treated wood are susceptible to rot and decay. and dont forget fire. plastic and composite products will develop smoke and give off harmful gases like hydrogen chloride in a fire.

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kilz is here with a translucent offering that should bring out the best in your cedar or redwood deck while protecting it from general outdoor elements. it comes in three colors: cedar; chocolate brown; redwood

your ultimate guide to the 5 materials that make a modern deck

and like cedar and redwood, most tropical hardwoods weather to a soft silvery color if they're not stained. the amount and speed of any fading depends greatly upon the deck's exposure to sun, rain

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redwood california redwood association. like cedar, redwood is soft yet durable lumber that ages to a pleasing gray. a redwood deck will resist rot, but prolonged moisture will cause the wood to blacken. to maintain the lovely ruddy hue, use a clear sealer on your redwood deck or porch floor.

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cedar patio furniture is relatively heavy, so it withstands a lot of wind without blowing over or away from your home. cedar is nearly as strong as oak, which makes it solid furniture for a patio. low maintenance and affordability. cedar furniture requires minimal maintenance to keep it looking good, giving you more time to enjoy it.

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a good deck paint should be long-lasting, easy to maintain, and durable. this latex floor paint from kilz checks all of those boxes and more the kilz floor coating has a low-luster finish that is perfect for sprucing up your deck, porch, or patio .

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wood is a traditional material for decking, and it looks natural. there are many options such as red cedar, teak, mahogany and other hardwoods. some of them are among the most inexpensive decking material available. however, their characteristics vary widely, and cheaper woods may not be very durable.

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the most durable and popular type of patio cover on the market today are metal patio covers. wood patio covers are also popular but they are not as durable and require a little more maintenance. metal patio covers

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but, this article will go over the most popular materials and how to prepare it for a long lasting life. when speaking about outdoor furniture, imagine any type of furniture youd find on a porch, patio, or backyard. wood is a great choice of material for projects such as patio sets, porch swings, and tree houses.

deck stain: why most people mess up their deck big-time

new wood sanded with a 60- or 80-grit abrasive developed the greatest absorbency and most durable final deck finish of all prep options. chemicals for removing mill glaze and specialty pre-stain deck washes didnt compare with sanding. sanding was king in this test. it boosted absorbency most.

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but even the best semi-transparent stains in our tests aren't as tough as the top solid stains, and our data suggest that this type of stain will probably last only two to three years on a deck. the 11 stains in this category also vary widely in performance, garnering overall scores of 12 to 65.

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if you have a redwood deck thats in need of a top-notch stain treatment, ready seal has the glowing reviews to inspire confidence in your investment. as with most stains, no primer is required although youll still need to sand, strip and clean the surface prior to applying it.

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western red cedar decking prices. western red cedar decking ranges between $5 and $9 per linear foot. it is the most commonly available and most popular option for decks. western red boards repel water and resist decay at higher-than-average rates.