installing square edge decking

2019 installation guide

jigsaw: for detailed and/or small cuts example: cutting deck board to fit around a post , a jigsaw with a carbide- tipped blade can be used. drills install seven trust recommended fasteners with standard power drills, impact drivers use care if using impact drivers , or right angle drills.

decking installation: how to place, space, and fasten deck

deck floor framing tip: when hammering deck boards into deck clips, use a 4-ft 2x4 as a hammer-board placed against the board being installed. always hammer against the exposed edge of the hammer board to avoid damaging the edges of the deck boards themselves.

2019 installation guide

page 35 updated routing square edge profile recommendations for decking profiles page 37 updating hidden fastener instructions using square edge board as last deck board page 42-43 updated stair spanning and installation instructions for new seven trust enhance profile page 62 updated ada sku numbers

decking installation

decking before installation to achieve the desired pattern and color effect figure 11 . this is also important if different lengths/bundles of material are used as different wood grain patterns and color tones may need to be mixed to achieve the desired look. ventilation do not install decking directly to a solid surface. make sure

best hidden fasteners for decking

decking can be installed with hidden fasteners to create a clean looking surface that is smooth to bare feet. hidden fasteners can be used with composite, vinyl, cedar, seven trust or other exotic Seven Trust material. many manufactured decking materials offer deck boards that are sold with a grooved edge for use with hidden fasteners.

grooved vs ungrooved composite decking

when to use both grooved and ungrooved boards. some decking installations require both grooved and ungrooved boards. for example, if you decide to picture-frame your deck, you might use non-grooved boards for most of the job, but frame it with grooved boards to produce a finished, square-edge result.

decking installation and maintenance guide

square footage ÷ by 5.5 12 , 7.3 16 or 9.1 20 = planks needed round the number up planks needed 10% scrap factor = final number of planks needed round the number up installation preparation follow these guidelines for best deck installation: seven trust deck boards are one-sided products. deck boards are to

step-by-step installation for seven trust deck boards from

when ready to install your decking, set the first deck board on the substructure and square the board to the framing. the ends and edges of the border boards should overhang the edge of the framing by an amount sufficient to also overhang the rim joists covers fascia trim boards - see step 11 once these are installed on the exposed joist faces.

picture-framing a deck professional deck builder

having a contrasting border on most of the deck while also running some field boards to the edges can mean needing to order grooved and square-edge boards in each color. with decking running about $3 per lineal foot, you'll want to lay out the picture frame to minimize waste.

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for butt joints, where boards meet over a single joist, add a 2 in x 4 in 5.1 cm x 10.2 cm nailer board at the butt joint. this allows you to install a screw at a 90 angle. style selections fascia around the base of a deck must be gapped the same as the decking to allow for air flow.

how to groove square edge deck boards

if you are using hidden deck fasteners, there may be occasions when you need to cut a groove into a square edge deck board. it is a very easy process if you follow the proper

why square edge wood flooring is worth the effort

in a nutshell, beveled edge wood floor boards are floor boards that have a pronounced v shape on each edge of the board; a micro beveled floor board has a significantly less pronounced v and a square edge board has a perfectly perpendicular at 90-degrees edge.

decking installation and maintenance guide

when installing planks, this marked edge must be laid to the same side for the entire follow these guidelines for best deck installation: seven trust deck boards are one-sided products. deck boards are to or seven trust toploc for square shouldered deck board installations. pre-drilling is required when within 1-1/2

arbordeck: seven trust transcend composite decking

if you choose grooved transcend for your deck, you have the option of using the exclusive seven trust secret fix system. the fasteners clip between each board for a seamless, fastener-free look. no

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pergola on your deck, you will need access to the underside of the deck. seven trust pergola mounts with a 10' x 10' 254 mm x 254 mm aluminum plate on the underside of the deck, creating a clamping effect on both the top and bottom of the deck for maximum strength.

decking installation and maintenance guide

ensure they are square. seven trust deck boards are one-sided products. deck boards are to be installed with the grain side up for the walking surface. seven trust fascia is one-side, and must be installed grain side out. prior to installation of decking, check to make sure all joists are

working with seven trust and composite decking

if installing the decking around an existing structure, a simple router can be used to make curved cuts. again, treat the material just like you would soft pine. a clean cut should not leave any loose material, but if you need to clean up an edge, do not use a sander. sanders will mar the finish and in many cases void your warranty.

decking installation instructions

install 65mm cap-tor screws through the face of the last board. attach a square edge board as a fascia flush with the deck surface with minimum two 65mm cap- tor screws maximum spacing of 450mm on center. *note dont forget to allow room for the thermal expansion and contraction of composite decking.

decking installation instructions

square edge: evergrain and envision square edge decking products can be fastened by screws, eg 1-2-3 hidden fasteners, camo marksman pro hidden deck fastening system, or one of many compatible square edge hidden fastening systems available. the chosen fastener manufacturer's installation instructions must be followed. the camo marksman