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carpet to wood stairs remodel saw off old stair nosing remove the carpet, saw off the old stair noses and sanding the stairs. carpet stair remodel measure and saw wood retrotreads stair tread template/gauge tool, miter and table saw work, dry fitting the new treads and risers.

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1920s floor sander a daunting reminder of the old days 1920s floor sander a daunting reminder of the old days stair treads dos and donts. details bill treiber the top tread on the stairs that cannot be accessed from underneath cannot be glue-blocked. use generous amounts of adhesive to account for the lack of glue blocks.

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go over the tread and riser again by hand, using the same paper grit that you used in the sander, to remove the orbital marks. this step is necessary only if you plan to stain and refinish the steps. sand with the grain of the wood -- never against it.

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removing a glued down wood stair tread. i have a wooden stair tread glued down to a ply wood stair frame. the miter cut on the step was just not done right, it would take too much caulk and i've decided to replace it.

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i was told that to do it the right way, we would need to tear out the old stair treads and build them up to be the exact same level that they were in their before state. i knew that would be a lot more work and my dad certainly didnt want to do it like that, so i tried them out first by putting the stairs in place right over the old existing

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non-skid strips for wood stair treads are meant to be permanent, but you may find that you want to remove them. removing a non-skid strip is an easy enough process, as long as you take your time. step 1 - loosen the strips. the best way to loosen the non-skid strips from the wood is to use heat.

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the right approach is to remove the old pine treads altogether. this could be a big job, if the balusters are incorporated into the old treads, but maybe your basement stairs have a different, easier design. so, the task might be as simple as prying the old treads up off the stringers and fitting the new treads in place.

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q imported from our old site, face lift floors: i am going to replace my carpeted stairs with oak treads and paint the risers. do you have any suggestions on removing the existing pine treads and attaching the new oak treads? i have read about using glue and nailing; but what type of glue/adhesive? a: continue reading removing old stair treads

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replacing stair treads may be necessary due to age or wear, or for esthetic reasons. some people remove the carpet that covers their stairs and find that the treads and risers are of rough construction or severely damaged by carpet tack strips and staples. in all these cases, you may want or need to replace your stair treads.

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then justin took the time to carefully pry off each glued and nailed stair tread and stand it outdoors and route the front edges. then he re-glued construction adhesive and nailed or screwed them back in place. one of the issues we found when we were replacing the stair treads was a big gap on the both sides of the tread up against the wall .

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carpet to wood stairs remodel saw off old stair nosing. the old stair nosing is sawn even with the risers before installing retrotreads. this method retains the original stair tread depth and the retrotreads wont extend past the stair stringer for the best appearance.

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use a crow bar to remove the tack strips. our were on the treads and the risers. throw them away as you remove them to avoid accidentally stepping on them. use a hammer to pull out stray tack strip nails or hammer in any nails that arent flush. tear out the padding under the carpet.

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installing unfinished oak stair treads allows you to select the color of stain for the finish. with existing stairs, the most labor-intensive part of the job is preparing the stairway. this

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additionally, spindles, wall base trim and newel posts may be positioned above stair treads. these hindrances, while seemingly obstructive, each have a remedy for removal. once you get rid of the obstacles in the way of removing the tread, it won't take much to remove the tread itself.

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stair treads can improve the appearance of stairs, cut down on tracked-in dirt, extend the life of the stair material and provide traction to prevent falls. if you need to remove the stair tread adhesive due to an improper installation, using too much adhesive or because you need to repair, remove

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a: to actually remove the treads, you would have to have access to the back side of the staircase. remove the wedges and then the treads. otherwise, you have to cut the lip off all the existing treads and glue down new ones on top. if there are contaminants on the existing treads that would also have to be removed.

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although this staircase was poorly constructed by the builder, i was able to replace the mdf stair treads with some nice seven trust ones. i used a lot of liquid nail so that they would stay in

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one trend in home remodeling is to replace carpeted stairs with Seven Trust treads. many carpeted stair installers used particle board to form the stair treads, and in many cases, the vertical risers

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to silence a squeaky stair, tighten the tread to its stringer by driving in two finish nails at opposite 45-degree angles, creating a clamp. if the stair squeaks when you step anywhere along the front of the tread, then you can often solve the problem by re-attaching the tread to its riser where they come together.

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step 3- remove and replace the treads. using the pry bar pry upward between the stair tread and the riser in front of the stair tread. work the entire front of the stair tread from the edge of one stringer across to the other, lifting in a maximum of 1/8 inch increments as you go along the front of the stair tread.

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replacing the treads of your stairs, which are the parts you step on, is a great way to revamp an old staircase. if your stairs are carpeted, the first thing youll have to do is pull up the carpeting. if not, you can go right to measuring and removing the old treads. then, you have to cut, glue, and nail in your new treads.

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pry up any trim or moldings around the damaged stair tread with a pry bar or screwdriver. pull any nails left behind when the molding comes off. if handrail balusters are resting on the stair tread, notch out the sides of the stair tread at each baluster with a saw to make it easier to remove the balusters.

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by refacing the stairs with the new prefinished treads, there was no need remove the old lumber tread. this is a particularly important advantage when dealing with pre-fab staircases that are built in a factory and delivered to the jobsite during construction. it is impossible to remove a tread in a pre-fab staircase without completely

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before you can retread steps, you must remove the stair spindles. you may also want to remove stair spindles for easier painting. wood spindles have a dowel pin that holds its base to the underlying stair tread. the handrail has fillers that hold the tops of each spindle in place. metal spindles have screws that hold them to the stair treads

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remove the end-nosing and balusters on the damaged stair treads. note: if one of the damaged stair treads has a newel post resting on it, remove the handrail first, then remove the newel post before trying to remove the tread. this will allow the tread to be removed without additional damage.