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wooden spoons are, of course, useful tools for cooking tasks like stirring, mixing and most importantly, tasting. but they can also be used in a variety of different ways, cooking-related and otherwise, that you probably never though of. here are 10 clever things you can do with a wooden spoon that will give you a new appreciation for this classic kitchen tool.

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a while back i got a set of wooden spoons that contained 5 differently shaped wooden spoons. take a look at the following photo to see the different shapes. i have mainly been using wooden spoon 1 because that is typically the shape i am most familiar with when i think of a wooden spoon.

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wooden spoons vs. metal and plastic spoons - as part of the expert series by geobeats. i am going to talk about different kinds of spoons that you might use in the kitchen. specifically, these are

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spoon designs will also play a big factor in wood selection. there are several different kinds of spoons you can make. if you decide to make a kuksa for example, you may want to use wood from a burl. a burl is a weird growth that sometimes happens in a trees development. the grain pattern will usually be irregular and very tight.

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different wooden spoon usage . wooden spoons vs. metal and plastic spoons - youtube. sep 19, 2011 wooden spoons vs. metal and plastic spoons - as part of the expert i am going to talk about different kinds of spoons that you might use get price 11 1/2 things you can do with a wooden spoon besides stirring

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examples of spoons: there are many different kinds of spoons, each with a specific use. missing: dematisse spoon, bouillon spoon. table etiquette etiquette and manners table manners good manners kitchen hacks kitchen tools wooden spoons fine dining high tea. valen gómez fletcher <<etiqueta>> spoons and platinggg know your spoons

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schima is a superb, durable, and lightweight to use. hence, the wooden spoons are a guarantee to last long even when used daily. since it is non-abrasive, the soft rounded shape of the wooden spoon is safe to use for your expensive and delicate non-stick pans, leaving a scratch free and intact.

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one other reason and there are probably more -- when making meatballs , use a wooden spoon with round edges. lot less chance of breaking them up when stirring them in the gravy. i think if my old wooden spoon broke that it would be red on the inside from all the italian sauces i have used it on.

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i use wooden spoons for lots of tasks in the kitchen. i have one that is the perfect shape for making scrambled eggs in my cast iron skillet. its from the galloping gourmet cookware line, and its called a spurtle, for some strange reason, but it

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and when i use the wooden spoon that belonged first to my grandmother, then to my mother, and now to me, i cannot help but feel that i am cooking in the company of all past meals that the spoon

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types of spoon. spoons have been used by humans from a very ancient time. our ancestors used shells, pieces of wood and husks as spoons. there are several other ancient texts and scripts that states the use of spoon from egypt to india to china.

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i own and use many wooden spoons. you might say that i am something of a wooden spoon collector. theres nothing that delights me more than when, in my travels, i come across a wooden spoon in an entirely new shape. perhaps the bowl is elongated or deeper, or the handle is thick or graduated or offset the list goes on.

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wooden spoons have many uses in and out of the kitchen. crafted in a variety of different types of wood and available in an array of sizes, they are eco-friendly utensils used for stirring pots, serving prepared dishes, and even eating meals. some have extra long handles designed for outdoor cooking.

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wood is also much firmer than silicone or rubber, which means you don't miss out on scraping up even stubborn spots of browned meats or vegetables. your stews and soups will be tastier for having been scraped and stirred with a wooden spoon. meanwhile, heat-resistant nylon spoons are enjoying a brief moment in the sun, but i can't understand why.

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i have a cherrywood spoon, teaspoon-sized, which i turned first, then carved the bowl. i use it in the sugar bowl, which is great as nobody will stir their tea with a wooden spoon, so the sugar stays dry i have made spatulas from ash but the very pronounced grain is not ideal. most commercial wooden spoons are indeed beech. have fun rosalind

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wooden spoons have been around as long as human beings have been preparing food. they can be made with just a few simple tools, and the possibilities for designs and styles are endless. they also present a great opportunity to learn about wood grain and how it behaves. join me on my first foray into spoonmaking

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uses for half a wooden spoon. while my favorite wooden spoons are my older ones, there comes a time when they might be too old for cooking, but that doesn't mean you can't find something else to do with them. a wooden spoon can be used as a plant stake or garden marker; you can write on the spoon or the handle, so you know which peppers are the

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at any one time, i have at least 4 wooden spoons in my utensil holder. right now, i have around 7 of all shapes and sizes. when i'm cooking and need a spoon to stir, scrape, or beat, i almost invariably reach for a wooden spoon. so too do most cooks. why, in this age of metal and plastic, are wooden

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spoons are as old as knives and have existed as early as the prehistoric times. people in ancient civilizations made spoons out of wood, bone, rock, gold, silver, and ivory. in the past societies of egypt and the uk, people used spoons as a status symbol.the modern appearance of spoons emerged only in the 1700s.

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wooden spoons aren't going to scratch your pots or leach chemicals, and of course, they're the tool for doing the old 'coat the back of a spoon' test for sauces. the best wooden spoons are kind of

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wooden spoons have been used for decades, centuries even. they started to fall out of favor in the bacteria-phobic 1990s and were replaced with cheaper plastics and harsher stainless steel. however, research suggests wooden spoons are safe to use in your kitchen.

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moreover, the feel of the wood is excellent, but it must not be just any cheap spoon. no, it must be well constructed and tough to use indoors and outdoors. so if you need a simple kitchen tool check out the top ten wooden utensils reviewed here. therefore, you can find a suitable collection made up different implements to use in your kitchen.

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i had a wooden spoon that really did pick up a certain flavor if you will. i apologize that i cannot remember the exact recipe that i was using, but the wooden spoon did change the taste of the recipe. from that time, i use certain wooden spoons for sweet recipes and others for spicy main dishes exclusively.

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avoid using a favourite wooden spoon for scraping. because wooden spoons don't damage non-stick pans and dishes, it's tempting to use your spoon when deglazing a pan. you can use any wooden spoon you like to do this of course, but it's tough on the spoon and can lead to cracking if you get too physical.

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wooden spoon definition: a wooden spoon is a spoon that is used for stirring sauces and for mixing ingredients in meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples log in dictionary

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t here are many different kinds of spoons, each one studied and specially designed for different kinds of food. table spoon table spoons are what we use every day for our main dishes. they can be used for minestrone, soups and rice dishes. the cup of these spoons are designed for picking up just the right amount of food.