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were building a deck on our house and the back of our house faces southwest, so we get a lot of sun. we wanted to create a shady area on the deck, so we are thinking about getting a metal gazebo from lowes. it gets pretty breezy here, as our house is up on a ridge, so i figured i needed to anchor

grand theft auto v - faq/walkthrough - xbox 360 - by

faq/walkthrough by rarusk. version: 2.8 updated: 01/01/15 you cannot format devices through the usb slot even if you attach a multi-card reader to it. fortunately there are programs out on the net that will allow you to resign saves so you can use them again on a new machine.

lego indiana jones 2: the adventure continues - faq

now, turn the nearby switch to blow phm off with a foghorn. he'll reappear on the big stack of crates near some convient dynamite. for the last part, smash up all the objects that are now on the deck to find pieces (and a box), that when assembled will make a crank that will move the overhanging ropes.

best way to anchor a gazebo without damaging the deck

only problem was that neither my husband or i were too keen on screwing our gazebo into the new decking. how do you attach a gazebo to the deck with no damage to the deck? want to read about cleaning your patio umbrella

bioshock infinite - faq/walkthrough - pc - by andrew testa

attach to the sky-line and ride it until you see a second sky-line. this time, we have to sky-line-hop, so attach to the next sky-line and take it to the outside of the hall of heroes. first of all, there is a voxophone ("a final stand") in the stationary gondola right below you, and an rpg on the side of the gondola in a crate.

god of war - faq/walkthrough - playstation 2 - by

--when the elevator goes down again, drop the statue on top of the first statue. --jump down and drag the two-tiered statue near the water fountain. climb up to the top of the gazebo and use the two-tiered statue as a platform to reach the hanging vines. from there, you have 66-seconds to make your way to the other side and save the oracle.

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helicarrier deck - as natasha and bruce (not hulk), you'll need to clean up the runway so captain rogers can land. first, hop onto the platforms near the oil stain to get to the top, then use a scanner to make targets appear. shoot them down then step on the elevator that drops.

how to secure gazebo (10' x 10') to a deck? - redflagdeals

how to secure gazebo (10' x 10') to a deck? i have a gazebo that appears to have been designed to sit on a lawn as it came with spikes that go through holes at the bottom of the 4 corner columns - and the holes themselves are fairly small in size. i am going to be putting the gazebo on my deck - so i'm wondering if anyone has any tips