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builders churn the concrete to break up air pockets and then let the concrete set for 48 hours. this is the foundation for a pergola thats placed in the yard. securing a pergola on a deck. whereas a free-standing pergola is set with concrete in the ground, a deck pergola sits up high and builders must ensure the pergola remains steady in heavy wind.

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i am planning to build a corner pergola over my deck. pergola is 8ft long from the corner on either side forming a triangle on the top. i have used four 4x4 posts 8 ft attached to the deck headers using three 1/2' carriage bolt per post.

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this is the fourth video in a series of instructional videos taking you through the entire installation process of the big kahuna or sombrero pergola kit from all of our pergolas

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8 steps to build a freestanding wood pergola bringing life to your backyard, a new pergola can give your space an italian, renaissance, or even a rustic feel. you can create stone or gravel pathways to your new pergola, and create a major destination to hang out and lounge around with friends.

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use 2 x 6 stock for the diagonal braces. cut the ends to length at 45 degrees, and use a flexible stick to lay out the shallow curve on the lower edge of each brace.

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after youve built your carport, you need to brace it. this will stop it from moving and also keep it square. this video from bunnings warehouse will showsyou the tools you need for the project

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this is where a freestanding pergola will differ from an attached pergola because there is nothing to stop the swaying motion of the wind you must create it. using pergola span table select the appropriate size of corner bracing for the size of freestanding pergolas and the wind rating of your area.

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this diy pergola plan from the handmade home is for a freestanding pergola that you can build right next to your house or further away in your yard. the free plan includes a supplies list, building instructions, and color photos to help you get the same look.

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put a bolt down pergola bracket around the bottom of the post and over the cement area. a bolt down pergola bracket kit comes with four u-shaped brackets and with four bolts for each bracket. put the bolts through the four holes and secure them with a nut.

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or make it an architectural detail perhaps bringing the braces on the outside of the posts extending the top beam metal reinforcement. pick up some metal l-plates. the bigger the better and attach them to the post and beam. add a railing to that side of the deck and diagonal brace that tensioned cables, wood panels, diagonal rails, etc.

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this is the eighth video in our 12 part video series on how to install a pergola kit from western timber frame. diy - 8 of 12 setting the knee braces - timber pergola kit installation how to

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there is no reason that you can't build a freestanding deck that will survive quakes, just keep a minimum 1' clearance between your deck boards and framing, and the side of the house. this will keep leaves, dirt, and other debris from lodging between the structures and causing pest or rot problems.

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brace the post with stakes. to do this, attach a 1x4 to the side of the post with a single nail or drive screw. when you're satisfied, secure the free end of the brace to a stake driven into the ground. set another brace at 90 degrees to the first. secure with nails. continue this process to set the three remaining posts.

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add a 45 degree brace from the 6x6 posts to the 2x6 rafters. they don't need to be long, maybe 3' or 4', up high where you won't bash your head on them later level 2 quick6black

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this video will provide you with a few ways to brace off a free standing deck built with wood post and beams. keep in mind that these are only examples of what might work, but they might not work

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the support beams are the next thing you should focus on when you are figuring out how to make a pergola. 2 by 6 beams are the best option when it comes to your pergola plans. you can also opt to leave the beams as they are, or you can use a jigsaw to cut rounded edges, for a little more flair.

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the wooden pergola is a good solution to add beauty to your garden. if you are not ready to spend thousands of dollars for building a cozy pergola then you may free standing timber frame diy pergola kit installed over backyard patio with full arched knee braces and decorative keystones.

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they use the wall to support that side of the pergola, usually done with a ledger beam lag screwed directly into the wall. if the wall is brick or concrete, the appropriate masonry anchors are used. the other side of the pergola is supported by a beam or beams that are in turn supported by the posts or columns, anchored to the patio or deck.

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determine where to sink the pergola's six support posts after checking for gas, water, or electric lines. drive a stake and string at the first corner. the six-by-six posts must be aligned perfectly strht and parallel to each other.

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knee bracing in both lateral directions and in third plane as well for add'l stability. that is, knee bracing running up from your corner posts to your beam in one direction, your rafters in another and a third brace horizontal nailed to the bottoms of three rafters. with a little work, you can make it look fairly nice.

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once you have set the posts into place, you should continue the backyard project by installing the support beams. cut the ends of the 2×8 beams in a decorative manner, if you want to enhance the appearance of the pergola. use a jigsaw to make the round cuts and smooth the edges with sandpaper.