installing pergola under a threshold

diy pergola plans how to plan and post a pergola

it's best to install the posts long and trim them to final height, measuring from the frame upward. finish the circular-saw cut with a handsaw, then install a cleat 6 inches down inset to hold

how to install laminate and Seven Trust flooring pergo

installing pergo laminate and Seven Trust floors is easy with simple click together joints. our how to flooring installation guide is a snap for the pro or dyi.

how to install soffit under a porch roof hunker

installing soffit boards on a patio roof system cleans up the look of your outdoor living space. not only does a soffit finish off the appearance of the patio, but it also how to install soffit under a porch roof hunker

sealing a threshold

sealing your threshold after installing it is important to prevent moisture and water from entering under the door, damaging the floor and nearby items. while sealing a threshold isn't difficult, you will want to do it properly to ensure that a strong seal is formed.

how to install modern pergola rafters without brackets

if you have your pergola posts in, your pergola frame installed, and your pergola rafter lumber stained, youre probably ready to move onto finishing up your wood pergola by installing the this tutorial, we will show you how to install pergola rafters quickly, relatively easily, and inexpensively without brackets.

replacing a sill and threshold better homes and gardens

apply flooring adhesive to the floor, slip the threshold into place, drill pilot holes, and drive 10d casing nails to secure it. fill the nail holes with exterior wood putty. if you're installing a metal threshold, it is usually easier to cut the stop moldings to fit around the threshold. cut the sill with a hacksaw.

how to install a threshold

installing a threshold is simple using these steps. step 1 measure depth. if you do not want to get involved with alterations to the door, measure the amount of space between the bottom of the door and the floor. this gap will be the maximum thickness of the threshold. step 2 measure width

free standing pergola assembly instructions

due to the size of the parts, at least two people are required to handle, fit and secure pergola components. these instructions cover a 14' x 14' size pergola. the assembly process is the same for each pergola size, but some steps will differ slightly, depending on the size you have purchased.

installing a pergola - landscaping network

install rafters 2 by 8 rafters are then attached to the beams with 12-16 spacing, depending on how much shade you need. be sure to countersink the rafters into the beams. lay lattice or stringers the last step in construction is to attach lattice or stringers small strips of wood to the roof.

how to install an exterior door threshold on a concrete

how to install an exterior door threshold on a concrete slab floor. thresholds, which come in varying materials including wood and marble, serve as a transition between the flooring and doorway. they are common in homes where they are used for doorway-to-floor transitions in bathroom and bedroom entries alike.

the how to guide for mounting pergolas to any surface

with proper anchoring, your pergola will keep its shape for many years. the following is a review of the different surfaces pergolas mount to and the fastening options for each of them: mounting pergolas to deck surfaces. a properly constructed deck provides ample strength to anchor a pergola.

how to install a threshold - youtube

how to install an aluminum threshold for an exterior door. in this video i'm installing an aluminum threshold for my new entry door. this door leads into my mudroom from my garage/shop. tools and

finally a way to attach a pergola to our house w/out

this beautifully-crafted structure is made in the usa from douglas fir wood that has been precision cut and sanded, then stained with an oil based mocha finish. this 14 x 14 foot pergola arrives ready-to-assemble, includes an anchor system, and can be assembled with at least two people.

installing a clear pergola roof - houseful of handmade

installing a clear pergola roof was the best decision ever. it has turned our side yard is a three season patio that we can enjoy in any weather. we love our new patio pergola, but the only thing that could make it better was installing a clear pergola roof. now even if it decides to rain for an entire month like it did in september , we can still enjoy gatherings on the patio.

how to install a new threshold - this old house

6. install new threshold, then tap shims underneath. 7. close door and check for even gap along threshold. 8. open door, and apply expanding polyurethane sealant under the threshold. 9. close the door, then tap shims between door bottom and top of threshold; leave shims in place until the sealant cures. 10.

how to install pergo flooring: 11 steps with pictures

install pergo as before. once you've smoothed out the concrete and added the vapor barrier, installing pergo over concrete should be exactly the same as installing over wood. pick a corner, start clicking them together leaving the appropriate amount of space between rows, and trim them to fit on the ends.

how to build a pergola how-tos diy

in this project, our pergola will be built at the corners of an existing retaining wall; however, the pergola build process is the same with or without the wall in the design. to dig the post holes, you can use a clamshell digger, power auger or a shovel. your local building codes should specify a recommended depth for post holes in your area.

patio door repair: the threshold az diy guy

installing the new threshold. with everything all cleaned up and prepped, the install is pretty strht forward. i leveled out the threshold with some cedar shims, bringing it up into range where the adjustable sill could reach the door sweeps.

how to install corrugated roof panels under a deck hunker

for a house roof the recommended minimum slope is 2.5 vertical inches for every horizontal foot, but a nearly-flat roof is fine for under-deck installations. step 2 install a wood support structure for your panels, screwing a row of 2-by-4s running parallel to your wall every 2 feet along the underside of your deck.

sealing under door threshold-best technique - windows

sealing under door threshold-best technique what is your process when installing exterior doors to seal under the threshold? it seems like half the time the opening is tight and whatever bead of caulk you put under there ends up getting wiped away and making a mess.

how to build a garage pergola - this old house

illustration by gregory nemec. day-to-day timeline. saturday make the parts steps 1 4 .. sunday build and install the pergola steps 5 12 .. download and print the cut list. cut list for building a garage pergola. designed to fit over a one-car garage, this pergola measures 144 inches wide by 28 inches deep by 29 inches tall.

how to install pergo flooring: 11 steps with pictures

how to install pergo flooring. pergo is a brand of health conscious laminate that's easy to construct and durable to use. the pergo installation procedure makes a breeze of weekend projects for do-it-yourselfers. though not recommended to

pergola installation at the seven trust

pergolas can be installed attached to your house or freestanding in your yard and are open to the outdoors. pergolas often have dramatic structural designs, which make for distinct and beautiful outdoor lounge areas. finally, installing a pergola will typically cost less than adding a sunroom.

how to install laminate flooring under metal thresholds

laminate flooring is typically 3/8 inch thick, and it will raise the threshold or carpet strip by that amount. you may need to replace the existing fasteners with longer ones, and in some cases, you may need to replace the threshold or strip with a different one to compensate for the height difference.

pergola post guide posts footing in ground or concrete

pergola post installation mounted on concrete footer or existing slab the easiest method of installation is to dig footings to the correct depth below the frost line in your area and use post mounting hardware to attach the posts to the concrete footings or existing concrete slab as follows: order the 8 foot or 10 foot post option and add the post attachment hardware to your order.