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one of the more confusing aspects of tequila can often be the five categories a tequila can fall in to were not talking gold and silver, as these are made up categories by jose cuervo; were talking the true tequila categories of blanco, joven, reposado, añejo and extra añejo.

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frozen margaritas are made with limeade concentrate, tequila, triple sec, and ice. a near perfect stberry margarita with frozen stberries and limeade concentrate. a large pitcher of this refreshing watermelon margarita is the perfect way to cool off on a hot day. this is the signature drink at my in-law's home.

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the margarita mix has been noted to have a made from scratch taste and is perfected with agave nectar. the margarita mix is ready to make and can be easily combined with a bottle of tequila or whatever alcohol you prefer to choose . made with quality ingredients, this margarita mix can be served on

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there are two types of tequilas, mixtos and 100% agave. mixtos mix glucose and fructose sugars with no less than 51% agave to make the spirit. the liquor is split into five different categories

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it gets its color from the caramel and other sugars added to it before the distilling process. the few 100% agave versions are created by mixing a silver tequila with an aged type such as reposado or anejo. gold tequila is considered the best for mixed drinks and margaritas by stores and bars because its less expensive.

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tequila isnt as popular with tonic water as gin, but there are plenty of cocktail lovers who enjoy a nice carbonatedand slightly bitterdrink. to get the right balance, mix 4 oz. tonic with 2 oz. tequilaserve over ice with lime wedge to curb the bitterness.

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blue and green cocktails are alluring. throw tequila into the mix, and you know it's time to get the party started one of the best in this category is the stunning envy cocktail. this fancy little cocktail is filled with tropical fruits, shaking tequila with blue curaçao and pineapple juice.

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1. classic agave margarita. this version from bon appetit keeps things super simple: just tequila, fresh lime juice, agave syrup, and salt.

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first, mix your ice, tequila, orange juice, splash of pineapple and/or grapefruit ruby red , grenadine and the juice from a couple lime wedges into a blender. blend until really smooth. then pour into a hurricane or giant martini glass and leave about 1/3 volume for the addition of your favourite cider,

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blanco tequila is often hotter than its mellowed, aged peers and blasts the palate with seven trust vegetal agave, grassy herbal notes, various types of citrus, black pepper and other spices, and even

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directions. pour tequila into serving glass, then add the sangrita mix and top off with grapefruit soda; stir ingredients together and garnish with grapefruit wheel. * sangrito: blend together a pinch of salt, hot sauce, juice from one orange, juice from four limes, juice from two grapefruit, a pinch of black pepper.

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the first thing to be aware of is that there are two ways of manufacturing tequila: * 100% agave: entirely distilled from blue agaves. this is what you want, and any bottle containing spirits of this type will say 100% agave on the bottle. you d

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originally developed in the 1940s, the moscow mule has made a big comeback is now one of the most popular mixed drinks. could be its refreshing taste or that pretty copper mug or both . directions: combine 4 cups ginger beer, 2/3 cup lime juice and 1-1/4 cups vodka in a pitcher. serve over ice

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brandy, gin, rum, tequila, vodka, and whiskey. there are many distilled spirits available today, though there are just six base liquors that form the foundation of the majority of cocktails and liqueurs. brandy, gin, rum, tequila, vodka, and whiskey are each unique and have distinct styles within themselves.

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tequila vermouth. tequila and vermouth can be combined in a myriad of waysthe types of tequila and vermouth you use will create entirely different cocktails. for a vegetal riff on a martini, you can use blanco tequila with either a bone dry dry vermouth or a semi-sweet blanc vermouth, which will produce a rounder,

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1 1/2 oz. tequila tequila herradura silver recommended 2 oz. pineapple juice; 2 oz. cranberry juice; splash of lemon-lime soda; splash lime juice; sugar for rimming and lime wedge for garnish optional directions: fill tall glass or mixing glass with ice. stir in tequila, fruit juices and soda. add a splash of lime juice and stir again.

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this is a list of tequilas, including some of the many brands of tequila, both current and former.the year production first began is given when known. the consejo regulador del tequila tequila regulatory council reported 1377 registered domestically bottled brands from 150 producers as of november 2013. 285 additional brands from 34 producers are bottled internationally.

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but there are certainly lots of other ways to mix your tequila, including favorites like the paloma, the sangrita, the tequila sunrise, and many, many more. tequila must be 100% agave: true. in addition to being produced in specific regions of mexico, tequila must be 100% agave blue agave, to be exact.

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like most tequila mixed drinks including every one on this list , feel free to add a dash of lime juice to make the mix more sour, or a pinch of salt to better bring out the flavor. mix in whatever ratio you like, but one part tequila to three parts lemonade is perfectly refreshing.

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certain mixed drinks are loaded with calories that can add up. the good news is, the carbs in tequila and other strht hard alcohol is zero. strht, hard alcohol with no sugars or carbs includes tequila, whiskey, rum, vodka, gin, brandy and many more.

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in those two categories, there are five types of tequila are blanco silver , joven gold , reposado aged , añejo extra aged and extra añejo ultra-aged . blanco tequila: this clear white spirit is knwon as silver tequila or plata tequila. this tequila is unaged, typically bottled and packaged directly after being distilled.

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the distinction is that tequila must use only blue agave rather than any type of agave. more than 300 million blue agave plants are harvested each year. tequila was first exported to the united states in the late 19th century. tequila is made primarily in areas near and around the city of wait for it tequila, mexico.

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a guide to the 5 different types of tequila words: adam teeter tequila is one of the most popular spirits in the world, but the spirit can still be incredibly confusing.

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directions rub the rim of a chilled cocktail glass with lime juice and dip in coarse salt. shake tequila, cointreau, lime juice, and ice in a mixing glass, then strain into the salted glass over ice.

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mixto tequila tequila that is not 100% agave must first be mixed with sugar or molasses before fermentation begins. then, depending on the subsequent process, the tequila will become one of the following five types. 1. gold tequila. most gold tequilas get their color from the caramel coloring added to the tequila before fermentation.

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combined with your choice liquor the end result is a delicious cocktail layered with sour, sweet, and strong flavors. how to make a classic sour cocktail: 4 oz. of sweet and sour mix. 1 1/2 oz. of bourbon, whiskey, vodka, or brandy. rim a glass with salt. pour over ice and garnish with a lemon.

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while store-bought margarita mixers might do in a pinch, for the ideal margarita, use fresh juice, real orange liqueur, and of course, quality tequila. now, as we mentioned before, the margarita

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theres no two ways about it now though, the humble margarita which combines tequila, triple sec and lime juice, served in a salt rimmed glass is synonymous with mexican drinking and one of the best drinks to order in mexico.