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if you can find an old houseboat hull, this is a good place to start. if it's pontoons you might want to think of tritoons (3) pontoons, as they are less tipsy and can better handle the loaded weight. what my friends and myself have found that aluminum composite panels make the best wall and roof materials.

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dome incorporated dome incorporated . look at most any home in america and they all have at least one thing in common: four walls. there is, however, a growing sector of housing that bucks this

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architects' picks for 2016's 10 best american homes of energy consumption" and the use of locally sourced materials, harris said. a hillside and has a long exterior boardwalk connecting

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there are various types of exterior walls with an array of materials and techniques. exterior wall finishes must be chosen considering the design, investment and also the appropriate material based…

how to frame a houseboat on a floating base

how to frame a houseboat on a floating base by at the houseboats stern build a low wall to be able to mount an outboard motor. stud framing with marine plywood on both sides will work as a transom for the motor. purchase sections of walls for houseboats, that are not already framed or purchase material that is suitable for exterior

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houseboat exterior walls material wpc product supplier seven trust has been developed to ensure that your boat deck looks great while performing superbly. how the mississippi shantyboats

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wall sheathing — wall sheathing encloses the home and is the first thing that's installed as part of the exterior. it strengthens the walls and allows water to drain away from the home. two materials commonly used for wall sheathing are 1/2" plywood and 1/2" oriented strand board, or osb.

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it is mainly for the exterior wall practices, such as villa exterior walls, high-level hotel and chamber decoration. it effectively reduces the reflection of sunshine, absorbs the radiation of uv

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building an entire home out of recycled materials may not be feasible for everyone, but there are plenty of ways to incorporate salvaged or reused materials into a home's design.