how much is an operable pergola

smart pergolas adjust to any weather angie's list

keep your backyard covered by adding a louvered roof, or smart pergola. these adjustable, aluminum roofs mean you can create open or enclosed spaces outside. smart pergolas adjust to any weather angie's list

bespoke outdoor concepts how much do louvre roofs cost?

louvre roof per square meter costs can vary from company to company, size of project on smaller roofs the square meter rate goes up because of fixed costs such as motors, permits ect and design if rendering, alucobond in design ect costs go up but in general they start around $1,000 - $2,000

electronic pergola motorized pergola electric cover

have an electronic pergola installed for a more enjoyable backyard experience. consider having an electronic pergola installed at your home if you want to create a defined space in your backyard for eating, lounging, entertaining, and more while being protected from the elements.

operable pergola electric adjustable patio cover

an operable pergola provides the best of both worlds it can function as a pergola and as a patio cover. many outdoor living products only offer a partial solution to a problem. for example, a pergola offers limited, but not complete, shade.

how much does a pergola cost?

a steel pergola can be purchased for around $300-$500, but a vinyl or aluminum pergola kit that requires little maintenance costs about $800-$2,000; the downside is that they may prove to be less sturdy than costlier woods and composite varieties.

an operable pergola provides beauty and functionality temo

an operable pergola can offer your home the best of both worlds. these outdoor living additions provide the benefit of being both a pergola and a patio cover. when the weather is nice and you want the beautiful views that a pergola gives, simply use the push of a button to open up the roofing panels to enjoy the sunlight.

operable pergolas nashville tn

operable pergolas from temo provided by american home design in nashville, tn. operable pergolas are a popular option among nashville, tennessee, homeowners because they offer the benefits of both a patio cover as well as a gorgeous traditional pergola.

smart pergolas adjust to any weather angie's list

hiring someone to deliver and install the pergola, louvers and other components typically costs $60 to $65 per square foot, bertolini says. prices vary depending on additional features, such as lights and weather-based controls.

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pergola: pros and cons. a traditional pergola is a wooden structure or an archway that shades a path or patio. the framework is often covered with climbing plants. pergolas have both pros and cons: the foliage adds shade to your patio. a touch of romance: a pergola sprinkles your garden with rustic charm.

operable pergolas louvered patio cover adjustable

operable pergolas from temo feature the charm of a pergola and the protection of a solid patio cover all in one structure. temo is proud to supply homeowners throughout the united states with electronic operable pergolas that function as a traditional pergola when you want sunshine and beautiful views, and also as a solid patio roof when you want more protection from the elements.

operable pergola, pergola styles temo sunrooms

if youre thinking about upgrading your backyard with a new patio addition, dont pass over temos operable pergolas. functioning as both a pergola and a patio cover thanks to adjustable louvers, an operable pergola offers the best of both worlds: complete protection from the suns rays when the sun is too bright and partial sunlight when the weather is nice.

how much does a equinox louvered patio cover cost? $9,595

$7,595.00. how much does a louvered patio cover cost? purchase a 10 x 20 louvered roof patio cover for $7,595.00. comes complete with solar cell, remote control, regulator, battery, 2 x 8 extruded aluminum box beams, gutters, 2- 8 post, louvers, pivot strips and link bars.

pergola movable operable pergola

an operable pergola takes function and comfort to the next level since the structure is equipped with a movable roof. the roof can open up to reveal the lattice top of a pergola when the weather is nice and you want to enjoy maximum sunshine and views.