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i'm adding 4x4 posts on the deck that i'm building around my shed. these posts will support the pergola beams coming right from the shed. these posts were notched on the edges so they sit on the

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if a 4x4 with a slope of grain of 1:8 is notched 1.75 inches deep, a crack propagated along the grain will reduce the 1.75-inch-thick section at the notch to only 3/4 inch at 8 inches above the corner of the notch not something you'd want to bet your life on.

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on many older decks the 4×4 posts were notched and then lagged to the rim joist with 3/8 in. or 1/2 in lag bolts or structural screws such as ledgerloks. more conscientious builders may have used through bolts. the post-to-joist connections were often strong enough, especially with bolts.

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these timbers are pressure treated in order to protect it from termites fungal decay and rot. treated for ground contact they are ideal for a variety of applications including retaining walls deck play sets landscaping stair support posts and more product details close. 4 in.

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the notch doesn't have to be much, 3/4' is plenty. this takes the shear force off the bolts if carrying a load, adds side movement stability and a shallow notch doesn't degrade the strength significantly, especially if the post is on the inside of the rim joists, notch facing out. i agree with the shear force issue,

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for a simple notch, place the board to be cut in alignment. be sure its ends overhang the framing as you want. press the board against the post, and mark each side of the cut, then measure for the depth of the cut. mark the depth.

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how to notch decking around a post line up the piece that gets the notch. measure edge closest to the post. mark that measurement on your board. mark the measurement of the other axis. measure against the far side of the post. square your marks. drill a hole in one corner. make a rough cut

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since you mention a 4x4 i'm going to presume that you mean to notch a post. the general method is to use a circular saw or table saw with a miter gauge to cut a series of kerfs see photo below ensuring that the first and last kerf define the bou

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allow at least two days for the concrete to cure before drilling holes and installing a post. if you install the post the same day as you poured the concrete, the footing could crack. mark the posts corner on the footing. 1. the support posts side should be flush with the outside of the beam or doubled header.

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photo 1: lay out and cut. cut the 6×6 deck post to length and mark the notches. set the saw to the depth of the notch as shown and make both crosscuts. then reset the blade to maximum depth and make the four rip cuts. cut to the waste side of all lines and stop at the crosscuts.

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step 6 mark level line. use a water level to establish the height of each post. fasten one end of the water level so the water line is even with the bottom of the ledger or level with whatever edge your plan prescribes . hold the water level on each post and mark the post at the water line.

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the solution i personally like the best is to cut out a 4x4 hole in the decking and drop the entire 4x4 post on the inside of the deck frame. you can lag bolt from the outside of the frame into the 4x4 or even drill a hole for nut and bolt.

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or he might suggest using a 6x6 rather than a 4x4 post. notching a post to recess a deck beam is usually not much of a concern, unless the post continues on to carry a roof or another deck above. even then, provided the post is well connected to the deck against horizontal forces, and the notched portion bears tightly against the framing at the top and bottom, there's probably little concern.

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learn the process carpenters use for making accurate notches in wood posts. make sure to check out the best part at 6:45 in the video this method requires only basic carpentry tools for quick

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splice blocks can be used on unnotched 4x4 posts as well. fastened to the post with structural screws or through-bolts, splice blocks typically run from the top of the beam and overlap the post-beam joint by a foot or two. when posts are shorter than 5 feet, i use a single splice block.

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the posts are notched so that the 2 boards are sitting side by side in the notch and are bolted to the post l shaped notch at the top of the post . i had someone give me an estimate for replacing my deck and he also said that they'll notch the posts so that they weight is not carried only on the bolts.

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you are going to have the cut on both sides in order for your say to reach through the 4x4. do this by marking all four sides of the 4x4 w/a speed square. cut one side and switch the saw over to cut the other.

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also, moisture problems often occur between the notches in the posts and the deck itself. as an alternative to this type of deck post, read the following steps to learn how to install deck posts without notches. step 1 install a strong-tie. to support the post, first cl under the deck directly beneath where the post will be secured.

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notching a post for a deck or pergola. so, if you're notching posts for a deck, to go around a joist, or for a set of stairs, this same process can be used, if the notch needs to be at an angle for a set of stairs or something. it's a very handy method to have in your bag of tricks.

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the upright notched section of the post acts stabilizes the beam. most deck builders use a reciprocating saw to cut an l shaped seat in the top of the post large enough to hold the beam. another building method to consider if you dont have a reciprocating saw involves using circular saw to score the top of the post to remove the weakened sections with a chisel. a 2-2x10 beam will require a notch 3 wide by 9-1/4 inches tall.