disadvantages of eco decks with pergolas

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a bland backyard is transformed into a traveler's paradise complete with a retro-style lounge topped by sunburst pergola. country garden with an eco-friendly deck covered by a pergola wrapped

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teenage triplets get an outdoor playroom with a fire pit, a patio and a putting green. season 2, episode 10. june 15, 2009. appliances, eco-friendly counters and a large pergola.

3 reasons you should consider a pergola - love your landscape

3 reasons you should consider a pergola. if you have already installed a deck or patio, you likely added it to extend your living space beyond the walls of your home. there are a variety of materials to consider and all come with advantages and disadvantages: pressure-treated wood: a pressure-treated wood pergola is often your least

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top 3 eco-friendly vacation spotscheck out the three best spots for an eco j.j. watt puts house up for sale in pearland. saltwater pool w/ tub,patio with pergola and outdoor kitchen with

pros and cons to outdoor pergolas

this knowledge will be important when you decide to build an outdoor pergola made from it. cons. weight is an issue. cedar, for instance, is very light, but its pressure treated variety is heavy. you will need to consider this when constructing footers or a deck attachment.

benefits of a pergola - mmc fencing & railing - vinyl

why would you choose to purchase a pergola over, say, a covered deck or an awning? believe us when we say that a pergola is more than just a pretty face. if you’ve ever wondered what a pergola could offer you, your family, your home, or your yard, scroll down, because today we’re discussing the many benefits of a pergola. benefits of a pergola

what are the advantages of a pergola?

what are the advantages of a pergola? by nicole vulcan. the pergola has some advantages that you might not get with a deck or patio. defined space. along with the wall and roof beams, pergolas typically include some type of deck floor or concrete flooring. in a yard filled with only grass or other living landscaping, the pergola helps to

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eco-friendly red, white, and blue picnic supplies for your 4th of july girasole review. new to chowhound? there's an awesome outdoor patio with wooden pergola and rolling water fountain, that unfortunately we couldn't use since it was pouring. inside, the decor is stained wood and stone. it surprised us of how large of a restaurant it