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arbor vs. trellis vs. pergola adding attractive architectural structures to a garden or yard is the perfect way to give it personality and create privacy. vertical elements such as an arbor, trellis, and pergola are not only beautiful, but also functional.

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pergolas usually do not have trellises attached, but are often still used as a support for wisteria, trumpet vines, hops, clematis, and bougainvillea. how to choose plants for your garden structure when choosing plants for your trellis, arbor, arch, or pergola, avoid those that will either outgrow their space, weigh down the structure, or make

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but what is the difference between an arbor, a pergola or a trellis? since there is quite some confusion over the names of these garden structures, a brief definition would probably be welcomed and useful. arbor. an arbor is a simple, freestanding structure generally with decorative latticework and an arched roof.

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trellis. a trellis is a simple latti c ework structure that may be free standing or attached to a building. the main purpose is to support climbing plants. it can be made from wood or metal. arbor. an arbor combines the latticework structure of trellis on its both sides and spans upwardly forming a roof like structure, which may be flat or arched.

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an arbor or trellis can act as a main focal point or a perfect backdrop. a place to stand for the exchanging of vows or as an entryway to the altar. it is so easy to complete with wedding flowers, vines, lights, japanese lanterns or ribbons for a reminiscent romantic setting.

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an arbor is typically an open structure much smaller than a trellis or pergola, using interwoven lattice pieces and sometimes having an arched top. arbors usually define a point of entry or the division of two places along a path. if you are seeking a defined covered space large enough

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pergolas are sometimes confused with arbours 'arbors' in american english , and the terms are often used interchangeably. an arbour is generally regarded as a wooden bench seat with a roof, usually enclosed by lattice panels forming a framework for climbing plants. a pergola, on the other hand, is a much larger and more open structure and does

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due to its showy trumpet-shaped flowers, it is called trumpet vine. each of trumpet vine flowers can appear in different colors orange, yellow or red . the flowers attract pollinators: bees, and hummingbirds. this plant looks great on the arches, pergolas, and trellises. it grows best in full sun to part sun.

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the dining area of this pergola shelters under a thatched roof, but the thatch is supported by cables rather than slats. the cables extend beyond the thatch to support vines that grow up the posts at the front of the pergola, turning the pergola into a trellis. bright lemon and lime colored accessories carry on the cheerful orchard theme.

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a pergola is a larger space than an arbor, and has four open walls and typically a lattice roof. a trellis is a flat, latticed surface that is used on the sides of an arbor or pergola. a trellis can also form its own structure. the size difference puts pergolas on the higher end of the range for the cost to build an arbor, pergola or trellis.

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a romantic pergola in england. showcase your green thumb by adding flowering plants to your pergola or trellis. a herringbone brick path passes under a rose-covered pergola on the grounds of marshcourt, an edwin lutyens designed estate in the countryside of hampshire, england.

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the trumpet vine is perfect to grow on arches, pergola and trellis, as they are the best climbing plants and reach up to the height of 25 to 40 ft. the vine flowers need sunlight but the leaves can grow well in shade too.

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building an arbor or pergola. the terms arbor and pergola are often used interchangeably, but there is a minor distinction between the two. although both consist of posts supporting an open roof of beams or lattice, an arbor is broader and may be connected to a building on one side. a pergola, on the other hand, is always freestanding and narrow.

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pergola, arbor, or trellis: whatever your preference, these wonderful garden accents add vertical beauty and create practical places to train flowering vines. plus, they can do so much more, including enclosing a space for privacy, defining an entryway, or adding garden character.