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a sharp-ended object, like a pocket knife or screwdriver, can help probe wood for damage and expose termite galleries in wood. now to begin your inspection, you should focus on certain areas that are more likely to have termite damage like basements and clspaces.

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the use of dirt and their excrement to patch holes will make your wall to have a patch of mud on it. small piles of unexplained sawdust along the baseboard will also be a sign that your termite inspection is worthwhile. air bubbles beneath any painted wood is a sign that termites have burrowed beneath to get to the wood.

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because termites eat wood from the inside, you usually won't see surface damage. you may see dried mud tubes and a few other dabs of mud here and there (possibly). a termite inspector may be able to tap a wood beam and detect a low or flat sound that indicates that the wood is somewhat hollower on the inside than it should be.

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drywood termite infestations are not as large as subterranean termite infestations so controlling drywood termites will not require as much effort as it would to control subterranean termites. we recommend two effective ways to get rid of drywood termites. one is via borate wood treatment using a product called boracare.

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doing your own inspection might seem like a daunting idea, but a diy termite inspection is truly not that difficult and can give you peace of mind. we do recommend getting a professional inspection every few years, especially if your home has areas that are difficult to inspect or lots of wood that meets the ground.