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expanded white pvc foam board is a lightweight, rigid pvc sheet that is lightweight, high-strength, and can be easily cleaned and fabricated. expanded white pvc information: outstanding printability low flammability chemical and corrosion resistance good resistance to light and weathering

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pvc foam board is a less dense form of traditional pvc, or polyvinyl chloride. it retains many of the same qualities as traditional pvc such as an outstanding strength-to-weight ratio, great flame-resistance, and excellent chemical resistance.

the dish: boston chef karen akunowicz - cbs news

cover tightly with a piece of plastic wrap and steam for 10 minutes. turn the mixture out onto a cutting board and finely chop the whole mess with a sharp chef's knife until it is sticky

5 halloween decorations for outside cbs tampa

be sure to shape the mouth to the size of the fake teeth. attach the teeth to the foam head using the strong adhesive. next, create the veins using the twine, attaching the strands with the basic

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styrofoam ban: states declare war on styrofoam -- "people cbsnews.com. maine this week became the first state in the u.s. to ban polystyrene, or styrofoam, food containers; other states also are considering restrictions on plastic foam materials.

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extreme heat calls for extreme cooling measures. here are 15 hot products to help you stay cool at home, work and play this summer. - page 13

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this one shows another variation (with the black bits on the button membrane & a clear thin plastic bit with the tracks on it. (mine has no black bits on the membrane, but the clear plastic bit has the black contacts & the other contacts are on another clear plastic sheet attached to the white plastic frame)

inductee: swing - national toy hall of fame's class of

the national toy hall of fame has revealed its inductees for the class of 2016. only three of the 12 finalists are joining other iconic toys in the hall to sit alongside past inductees such as