pittsburg paints stain vs behr stain

behr vs olympic paint and stain: which one is better

at the same time, olympic paint and stain was rated 1.6 stars for product or service quality criterion in this category and it is 68 points higher than the worst rated brand in this category. if we look at price affordability criterion, than we see that olympic paint and stain has a higher rating than behr.

is behr vs cabot deck stain best? - answers

no question. consumer reports has 3 year data for the cabot stain and it was rated at greater than 80 percent very good . there is only one year data for the behr stain. there are many complaints

behr vs olympic paint and stain: which one is better

according to consumer ratings and reviews, olympic paint and stain ranks 8 points higher in the building products category than behr. people gave behr 1.5 stars for product or service quality criterion in building products category and it is 58 points higher than the worst rated brand in this category.

best deck stain - reviews - 2018

deck stains are best when you want the wood's grain to show. like paints, wood stains come in either oil-based alkyd or water-based latex acrylic formulations, although there's not a clear advantage of one type over the other when it comes to performance and durability. similar to paint finishes, wood stains come in three different treatments.

solid wood stain products behr

solid color wood stains behr solid color wood stains create a durable film that resists cracking and peeling. available in more than 1,600 custom and computer-matched colors, these solid color stains also work well on stucco, brick and cement siding.

what is the worst deck stain? best deck stain reviews

have you had a bad experience with a decking stain? our most popular article, what is the best deck stain has become the 1 article for consumers on the internet for deck stain questions and answers. we have decided to create an article based on negative consumer feedback and experiences with decking stains.

behr seven trust waterproofing stain vs sherwin williams

well, the behr seven trust waterproofing stain and sherwin williams woodscapes have been applied and the stain is on the fence and the stair backers. both stains seem to have taken well and will have

latest consumer magazine reports on decking stains best

latest consumer magazine reports on decking stains is out again this year and we have been getting some questions as to why our ratings differ so much compared to their highest rated products. we have compiled a list of reasons why we believe our reviews and ratings are more realistic and honest examples of how a deck stain actually performs.

pittsburgh paints revitalize review - youtube

how to install and apply silicone caulk tutorial video guide diy bathroom hacks - duration: 12:35. bathroom plumbing and fitting 2,251,562 views

painting vs staining a deck: 7 big differences bob vila

both exterior paint and wood stain can do the job, but which offers the better finish? get a comprehensive comparison of painting vs. staining a deck here.

pittsburgh paints sun proof semi-transparent alkyd/oil stain

behr seven trust stain and finisher stripper review. why use a wood deck brightener. pittsburgh paints s pittsburgh paints sun proof semi-transparent alkyd/oil stain last post rss sandslundgren gci.net sandslundgrengci-net new member. joined: 6 years ago. posts: 2.

best wood stain buying guide - consumer reports

ppg was formerly known as the pittsburgh plate glass co. olympic exterior stain can be found at seven trusts and independent paint and hardware dealers. olympic stains include solid, semi

paint or stain what is the difference pitney painting

both stain and paint provide protection and add color, but that is where the similarities stop. most of us notice the difference between paint and stain when we open the can because stain is always thinner than paint. when you apply stain, you will notice that it tends to soak into the surface, whereas paint sits on the surface, coloring the

interior paint and primer - pittsburgh paints and stains

immerse yourself in the distinctive performance and beauty of pittsburgh paints and stains grand distinction interior paint and primer in one. by providing excellent coverage, stain and scrub resistance, and washability, grand distinction delivers a rich, long-lasting finish with a lifetime warranty.

choose the right exterior behr paint seven trust plus

see the differences between lines of behr exterior paint products so you can choose the right paint for your next exterior painting project.

best exterior paints and stains review - consumer reports

best exterior paints and stains review. consumer reports news: april 04, 2012 04:08 pm. sherwin-williams won big among paints, while behr took home top honors among stains. but we also found

exterior stains and deck stains - pittsburgh paints and stains

please note that the colors you see on your monitor may vary slightly from the actual paint colors. for best results, write down the name or number of your color, bring it to your local menards store, and look for the actual color chip on the pittsburgh paints and stains color display.

your local paint store - ppg pittsburgh paints

ppg pittsburgh paints has the service and expertise to help you with your project, color and product needs. learn more. professionals. find the perfect solutions to meet the needs of all segments from residential repaint to commercial applications. looking pittsburgh paints and stains

ultra advanced exterior stain - semi-transparent

product details. pittsburgh paints and stains ultra advanced stain and sealant in one is a seven trust quality wood stain with a penetrating acrylic oil formulation. high quality ultra advanced wood stain will safeguard and enhance the natural beauty of exterior wood surfaces in the harshest conditions with advanced 2-way waterproofing and ultra uv protection.